About this Bundle

  • Remove Prejudice

    Do you feel like you are constantly being judged due to your passport? This course is designed to put you on the level playing field that you deserve to be on. Learn to use your language skills as a positive.

  • Mentored

    Our goal in this course is to mentor you in a way that empowers you. By the end of this course you will be able to manage the Interior on board, communicate with suppliers or walk in to any role with confidence, class and, most importantly, without prejudice.

  • Certified

    Gain a CIPD accredited Certificate in Interior Management with a 1:1 Mentorship with your Course Instructor. The most important thing about this certification is that it is relevant on Yachts and on Land.

Bonus material

This Bundle Gives you FULL access to the SALACIA Membership Programme

  • Concierge Service

    Help with paperwork, appointment reservations, flight options, service providers and more. Our team is on hand in your membership

  • Internships

    Discover your post yachting opportunities with our access to internships in a wealth of different industries. What's your goal?

  • Discounts

    We have over 300 discounts to various companies and organisations